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The future of emotion sensing is here.

Up to 90% of human decisions are based on emotion, understand your audience more thoroughly and meet their needs. We're providing a quantifiable approach to the human experience.

Emotion sensing wearables

Supporting group and individual mood tracking

Upmood noninvasively collects biometric data such as HRV, BPM, stress level and emotional states, to drive insight into how anything makes a user feel.

From biomarker detection to analysis, we’ve got you covered

The body can reveal a lot about our emotions. Our end-to-end solution suite enables anyone to detect, analyse and act on their data. Find out more about how our system works.

Sentiment analysis dashboard

Our Solutions

A quantifiable approach to the human experience.

Stress relief for you

Live with more emotional intelligence and understand what creates ups and downs throughout your day.

Group mood recognition

Gather real-time insight on how your customers feel about your business' products, services and experiences.

Emotion recognition wearables

Use the Upmood Algorithm in tandem with your own hardware to determine the user's mood data.

For group testing,


and researchers

See Upmood In Action

The emotion recognition technology behind understanding your emotions

Validated in a 2-year study with 1,000 participants, 2 out of 3 people reported the same positive emotion as the Upmood Algorithm when asked how they felt.

Our technology empowers companies, universities, SMEs across different sectors to get in touch with their users through these methods:

What our clients say

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Gusang Kwon, Ph.D.
Neuroscience Researcher, L’Oreal

I found remarkable insight and surprising results with Upmood products. Everyone loved Upmood’s innovative and new experience.

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Erica Li
Film director, scriptwriter and psychologist-in-traning

Upmood is an user-friendly and economical tool for me to enhance my research, especially minute-by-minute changes in audience mood.

Our Partners

Our Upmood partners
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