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  • How do I turn on the band?
    1.) Hold the Upmood logo on the device for 3 seconds to turn on the band. 2.) Connect the band to the charger. Red light will turn on when it’s charging while blue light will indicate that it’s fully charged.
  • What do the red and blue lights mean on my Upmood Band?
    When the Upmood Band is flashing blue, it means the Bluetooth signal got disconnected from your phone. In this case, reconnect the Band to your App immediately by going to the App and tap ‘Tap device to connect band’ circle. When the Upmood Band is flashing red, it means your Band battery is running low, be sure to charge it with the given cable.
  • The band is not detectable by the app.
    1.) Make sure the band is fully charged. 2.) Try restarting the band. Hold band logo for 3 secs to turn off, and 3 seconds to turn on again.
  • The band turns itself off. How do I fix it?
    Check the following conditions: (1) the band is loosely wore (2) arm hair is in between the sensor and skin (3) irregular skin tone because of tattoos If experiencing any of these, kindly place the band in your inner wrist for a more effective sensor detection.
  • My Watch was stuck and vibrating for too long
    Wait until watch restarts automatically Charge the Upmood watch and try again
  • The green sensor is not turning on even thought Watch was connected to Upmood app
    Turn off Watch Turn on Watch Check location and bluetooth is turned on Scan watch Connect watch Check if the green sensor is turned on
  • Auto reconnect is not working in Android Upmood App while in background or lock screen
    Inside phone settings, disable 'Battery Saving' for the Upmood App Reconnect band and Bluetooth
  • My Watch is not connecting properly
    Check if the Watch has enough battery Turn off and then turn on the Watch by holding the 'Upmood' tile Turn off and on your phone's Bluetooth Scan again
  • Green sensor is blinking
    Make sure watch was attached to your skin, it will blink if it's not touching skin.
  • I can't see my emotion on the app
    Check if sensor is on. If it's on, turn off Bluetooth and reconnect Watch to the App. If it's off, please hold the 'Upmood' tile for 3 seconds until a blue light flashes. If the sensor does not turn on, please contact our support team at
  • How can I get in touch with your team?
    If you have any questions about the campaign, the product, or just a fancy chat with the team, you can reach us over at
  • What are the shipping costs?
    Shipping cost will depend on the quantity of your order and your location. To view the cost, simply indicate your country upon checkout and it will be shown right away.
  • What countries are you shipping to?
    We are available for shipping worldwide.
  • Does the band come with a warranty?
    Warranty Period: 1 Year from purchase Date Warranty Supplier Name: TaisonDigital LTD. You will be able to claim your warranty online at Service Centre Address: Taison Digital Ltd. Unit 29, 18/F, Block B, Wah Lok Ind. Centre, 37-41 Shan Mei Street, Fo Tan, Shatin, N.T. Service Centre Email Address: Service Centre Contact: +852 23699788
  • Is there an age limit for people that can use Upmood wearables?
    Our Upmood wearables are optimized for people aged 17 and older, as younger people have fluctuating Heart Rate Variability, (the basis of our emotion algorithm).
  • What are the mood representations for each color?
    Each Upmood color represents a certain mood. ORANGE represents calmness, RED represents sadness and BLUE represents happiness.
  • Why is the Upmood App only compatible with Android?
    Since starting Upmood, we have redirected efforts and focus from the Upmood wearables to our Upmood Mass offering to make emotion detection available for businesses. This offering is web-based and so our App will be maintained on Android devices.
  • What Upmood straps sizes and colors are available?
    Choose a strap that fits your mood from our assortment of lightweight, highly-durable polyester straps that come in black and exclusive Upmood colors — sea green.
  • What are the emotions available in the mood feed?
    11 current Emotion status are calm, pleasant, unpleasant, happy, sad, excitement, anxious, confused, challenged, tense and zen.
  • Will the band work even without the app?
    Yes the band will work but without the app, every data collected will not be generated and translated into an actual emotion.
  • What is the band's battery life?
    Stand by time: 48 hours, always on: 12 hours
  • What are the color representations for the stress level?
    Stress level display in Upmood are as follows: RED for High/Severe, YELLOW for Normal/Moderate, SEA GREEN for Mild and BLUE for Low Stress level.
  • How does Upmood track emotions?
    Upmood collects biodata from your heart rate and contractions through a PPG sensor using only one wrist, with an unprecedented level of accuracy. The algorithm turns the data from your pulse waves into analytics, through Bluetooth connection to the app, to let you know of your stress level, heart rate, vitality levels, and emotions.
  • Do you have to be connected to the internet to get emotion result?
    Yes, you must be connected to internet at all times when using the Upmood app.
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