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Validate any product or service

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Product Testing
PR / Event
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Venue Integration

Collect meaningful data with Upmood Mass

Bluetooth tower to collect emotion, stress, BPM from multiple users simultaneously

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Accessible, non-invasive data collection 

The Upmood wearables are light, easy to use and can be worn for any activity while streaming live mood via bluetooth

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Pair multiple devices

One station is equipped with 12 Upmood wearables. Stations can be connected to support unlimited number of users.

Simple Setup (1).png
Simple setup

Upmood Mass stations only requires a power source and data network to operate, with minimal on-boarding needed.

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Mobile solution

Take the Upmood Mass anywhere, its suitcase design makes it easy to wheel around different locations.

Visualise results with Upmood Insight

Web-based dashboard to view and generate reports of rich user information

Live Emotion View

The Upmood wearables are light, easy to use and can be worn for any activity while streaming live mood via bluetooth

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Easy to use API

Gather live rich user information efficiently with our Upmood Insight API and analyse the data quickly and securely however you want to.

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Trend Analysis

A mood is generated every 1.5 to 3 minutes, so you will receive lots of data points to find patterns and trends.

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Post Session Reports

Collected detailed data can be output onto a PDF line graph or XLS raw data document mapped to time stamps.

Upmood Wearable

Collects individual biodata continuously sent to connected Mass by Bluetooth

Upmood Mass

Collects the group’s biodata and also charges each wearable battery to send to our server

Upmood Algorithm

Processes biodata in the server and calculates the Detailed Emotion Result

Insight Dashboard

Displays a live view of participant’s moods and visualises data over time

Our end-to-end solution suite offers companies an easy, innovative way to gather new insights. Work with us!

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