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Caprikon Education

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

September 2022

Learning about mental wellness through STEM and AIoT

​Products Used:

Upmood Mass and Insight

Metrics Collected:

Mood, stress level, BPM


Caprikon Education

Caprikon Education is a leading STEM service provider equipping Hong Kong Primary and Secondary School students with future skills. They offer engaging hands-on instruction like Python, AI, and FinTech to enable students to hone their computational thinking and problem-solving.

Importance of Student Emotional Intelligence

At first glance, education and emotion detection may not seem related, but it is becoming more essential for primary and secondary students to learn about their mental health. With the rise of technology in our daily lives, students need to understand how emotions play a role in their overall well-being and how technology can be used to support their mental health.

For those supporting child development, bolstering student communication and awareness of mental wellness is crucial. Technology can be a tool for harm, or for positive growth, and understanding emotional intelligence has proven to positively impact academic performance and social relationships.

The Project Process

The student's final project is focused on developing a video rating system that utilizes Upmood products and the platform Machine Learning for Kids. This system aims to predict the type of video someone is watching by observing a person's mood while they're watching. Specifically, the model is trained using biodata collected from Upmood wearable to identify whether the user is watching a comedy or a meditation video. Through this project, the students gain an understanding of predictive modeling and the ability to infer what someone is watching based on their emotions.

Watch the video below to see the final result of their project outcome.

Why Upmood?

Through this partnership, students can learn about emotions while being equipped with essential technological skills. Caprikon will be teaching Upmood technology and integrated IoT concepts to local students. We want to align ourselves with other companies that share our values because we believe Upmood is a way to open up conversations on individual and group emotions. We are excited to see how Upmood can support other students in the future.

If you're interested in equipping other primary and secondary students with more emotional intelligence or would like to try the Upmood solution suite, please contact us at



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