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Focus on what
matters - your wellbeing

Watch what you’re feeling

Both Upmood Bands and Upmood Watches pair with the App to deliver you the best mood monitoring experience

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Real time mood tracking

Check in on yourself, whenever, wherever on the Upmood App on iOS or Android. See BPM, stress level and current emotion.

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Be authentic with your audience

Stream your mood on Twitter, or live stream with OBS integration. Connect with your  followers in a new way.

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View your Moodstream

See your own progress and emotion trends over time with our calendar overview day to day or month to month.

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Express yourself

Choose a tailor-made sticker pack featuring characters that represent you- including, Bean, Kola, Yoga Girl, and Gummybear

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Our Products

Upmood Band

A sleek and discreet wearable that does comprehensive emotion tracking without distraction.

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Upmood Watch

Our most dynamic wearable- tell time, see your stress levels and emotions, all in one glance.


From Light Speakers that sync your mood with music to Watch straps, check them out!


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